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  • Wed 26th Sep 2018 - 11:27am

    In case you are looking for safe online data backup for your business and personal use then you can trust Dataalign’s online cloud backup for secure backup and retrieval of your important data anytime using any device. A lot of features and characteristics that sets apart Dataalign online cloud backup from other backup solutions are easy and comfortable content search feasibility along with innovative method for fast access and retrieval of saved data. Various methods of organization that keeps the saved data properly organized is another advantageous feature of Dataalign.

    A unique and intelligent feature of Dataalign online cloud backup is that as soon as the data is saved on the server of Dataalign, it gets orderly organized in an appropriately suitable way that makes locating the whereabouts of intended files effortless because of the correct sorting and categorizing of files and documents. The technology used in Dataalign understands sentence structures and language variations which means the user can search for content using any word or phrase and there will be no need to remember the file name. Also, the search can be done using any mobile or computer device.

    There are also filters like file size, file type, owner of document, modification date, creation date etc. that helps in narrowing down the search result for saving time. The file access control system of Dataalign online cloud backup for users and groups helps them in keeping their discrete and secret files and data safe and away from the reach of people not intended to. In other words, there is the facility of restricting access to specific data.

    Online cloud backup helps the user in keeping a check on the available storage space by letting the user set the number of versions and days they want to keep a file. The mistakes of accidentally deleting important files can be always undone by viewing the version history of each file. There is also a data destruction policy for setting the deletion time table of not required data.

    There is also another feature of Dataalign online cloud backup called the A. I. photo detection that helps in smart content search. This innovative feature helps in locating images by searching the objects that appear in them and it uses A.I. as in artificial intelligence.

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