Topiconline cloud backup solution

  • Thu 20th Sep 2018 - 11:17am

    In case you have a business to look out for, you can’t afford to waste any time on things like searching for files that contain important data like client information or targets etc. Let all your data be managed by Dataalign online cloud backup that provides the features of smart search through which you can discover the files you are looking for by just using keywords and phrases. Along with easy accessibility, this cloud backup also helps in centralizing all your data in one place by backing up everything the moment you upload it. Join the Dataalign community and see your business getting flourished by the superior cloud backup technology of Dataalign that uses an amalgamation of a lot of technical advancements.

    Dataalign provides the cheap online data backup that you need to keep your crucial data safe and secure whether it’s your business or your personal data. Everything from contacts, messages, documents, calendars, music, photos and videos can be kept safe here and can be accessed at any point of time from anywhere using any device regardless of its original source. The smart filter techniques will help you in discovering the data that you need in seconds by characterizing it into various classifications on the basis of type of file, size, date modified, owner and dominant colour.

    The free cloud data backup solution of Dataalign helps you share any file regardless of its size. You can also enjoy watching the saved videos or photos on the cloud backup and go back down the memory lane. Apart from smart filtering feature, Dataalign come with the search by content characteristic that enables you to search your file by just typing words and phrases that the content contains which means you don’t have to remember all the file names.

    Dataalign users never have to worry about getting their sensitive documents caught by someone not intended to as it comes with the straight-forward file access control system for users and groups. Users can keep their data safe by restricting access to their data. For getting this amazing server cloud backup solution call on toll-free helpline number of +1(844)387-9959 anytime. For further details contact on this number and get accessed by their support team.

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