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Wed 2nd Sep 2015 - 2:09am : Social Media : Player : News : Gaming

GravityHD, a young lad from New Zealand, has become our YouTube Manager. Focusing primarily on Call of Duty footage, he will continue to expand on his abilities and has potential to work with CSGO and DOTA footage in the future, as well as other popular games. 

It's a pleasure to have someone like Gravity joining us. We've reviewed some of his work on his channel and his montages are engaging and entertaining to watch, even for someone that doesn't necessarily know much about Call of Duty. We're hoping to take the best parts about Gravity's skills and push them even further and aid him on his path to becoming a successful and popular YouTuber. 

Gravity had this to say:

"I am so delighted to be joining Saxon eSports as their YouTube Manager. I never thought I'd join an organisation this big. I cant wait to start uploading."

Are you interested in joining the Saxon family? Do you have a talent and a passion for video editing, content writing or managing gaming divisions? We'd love to hear from you! Let us know through our email address ( if you're interested.

Best of luck to Gravity in his future here at Saxon eSports and thank you to our fans for getting us this far in such a short space of time. Keep on sharing, keep on telling your friends about us. Accompany us on our adventure to the pinnacle of global eSports!



Andy Roberts

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