The Saxon Invasion!

Sun 20th Mar 2016 - 9:42pm : News : General : Gaming : CS:GO

Saxon was closed in the last quarter of 2015 due to personal issues. In a nutshell, it simply wasn't the right time. After speaking to old contacts and making new ones, I decided it was time to get the organisation up and running again. We've been active on Twitter for around a week now, and have finally gotten around to updating the website. We felt that with the new era of Saxon, we needed a rebranding so we're back to the red, black and white and have a fancy new logo which we felt was more suitable to the name. 

Now, onto the eSports part of the organisation. We're taking things a bit more slowly this time around, choosing to swap out quick expansion into multiple platforms with keeping a small number of teams in a couple of platforms. This allows us to keep focused on PC gaming for now and makes it much easier to build and expand, as opposed to trying to get into games like Halo and Call of Duty and have no idea what we're doing! However, we are on the look out for managers in other platforms that feel they could bring something new to the organisation. We're also entering bigger and better tournaments than we have previously, such as the ESL UK Premiership Qualifiers and FACEIT cups. tl;dr - We're better than we've ever been.

For those of you still around, I'd like to thank you personally for being patient. For the newcomers, thank you for your interest and we hope you keep in touch. 

Streams of our games will be available soon. To find out when we're live, follow us on Twitter (Opens in new window)

So that's it. Thanks for reading.

Stay Saxon




Andy Roberts

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