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Tue 18th Aug 2015 - 2:44am : DOTA : General : News

Nick Twigger was today appointed manager of the Saxon eSports DOTA Division (SEDD). Out of the candidates that applied for the position, Nick had the largest amount of experience and dedication towards the position itself.

From his involvement in a wide array of gaming forums and daily viewing of sites such as IGN and GameSpot, his passion for gaming was one of the most appealling traits when it came to considering Nick for the position. He has managed to rack up nearly 2,000 hours on DOTA and continues to play regularly. His role will include working closely with QT (Captain of SEDD) and the rest of the division in order to encourage constant team progression and success through league and tournament participation. There will also be meetings held in order to discuss both important issues and to reflect on recent form.

However, we're not quite done with the DOTA side just yet. We're currently on the look out for a passionate content writer with a keen interest in DOTA in order to keep our website updated with DOTA content on a weekly basis. Are you up for the task or know someone who is? Throw us an email:

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