Dreamhack Open Qualifiers

Tue 11th Aug 2015 - 11:54pm : CS:GO : Gaming

This weekend marks the Dreamhack Open Qualifiers which will be held online through FACEIT. 256 teams battle it out for only 2 spots for Dreamhack Open, which will be held in London in September.

Despite only being the qualifiers for the prestigious offline tournament, it is still considered a huge and important event for semi-professional teams and organisations. Every team goes into it with training in their mind and the belief that maybe, just maybe, they can secure one of the two spots to Dreamhack Open. The open qualifiers, which is the open tournament held on FACEIT, will be watchable through individual streams or dedicated streams by specific people. The offline qualifiers will be streamed directly by FACEIT and hosted by Daniel "ddk" Kapadia and James "JZFB" Bardolph.

Dreamhack Open 2014 | Stockholm

Saxon eSports, like their competition, are focused on winning. It is imperative that we achieve a respectable finish in the qualifiers, and I'm positive we can do exactly that. There's been a gruelling training program in place to make sure everyone is at the peak of their ability. This is the most important tournament Saxon eSports has ever had and we will take the opportunity presented to us with both hands. We also want you guys, our fans, there along with us. We will have our primary streamer, John "Ramsay" Ramsay streaming the entire event, across the two days! Be sure to follow him by clicking HERE.

We can't wait for this, we're crazy hyped and we hope to see you there. Let's keep the #TeamSAXON train rolling!



Andy Roberts

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